We help work your child through separation anxiety

At Martial Arts USA, we have a parent seating area designed to help with separation issues that 4 & 5-year olds deal with.  Parents can sit close enough to help make their child feel safe and secure but give them enough space to begin to develop independence.  Our instructors are specially trained to help engage the students and help them develop that independence while giving them a safe, fun-filled environment for learning.

Pre-School Preparation

We are lucky enough to have many school teachers in our facility so we understand the struggles teachers face.  Martial Arts USA student are taught the skills necessary to succeed in the early stages of school.  They learn skills like:

  • Focusing on the teacher while blocking out distractions from other kids
  • Listening actively and staying on task
  • Learning what having respect for the teacher and fellow students is
  • Following directions the first time the teachers asks

We practice these behaviors in every class using a variety of methods, drills and activities.

Eye Contact leading to improved focus

Our society holds eye-contact in communication extremely important.  It shows respect towards the communicator, it helps with memory and it helps with understanding of what’s being said.

Developing the habit of eye-contact is taught in every class leading to an increase of understanding, respect and development of relationships.

We have many ways to develop eye-contact in class that seem like a game to them, but really they are becoming experts at eye-contact.  “Doing Things The First Time” is first learned from having great eye-contact.

Motor Skills and School Readiness

There is a direct link to your child’s motor skills and how prepared they are to handle school.  We help give them an edge by working on gross and fine motor skills.  Running, catching, grabbing, cross-punching, crawling and stacking are some of the ways that we help your child develop these valuable skills.  We help them develop not just their dominate side but their non-dominate side as well, thus leading to increased motor skills.

Social Learning

Social learning supports children’s emotional and social experiences when dealing with life.  Learning how to deal with bully’s, learning how to handle being made fun of, learning how to lose graciously, learning how to be a good winner and learning how to deal with anger are all things our program can help your child with. Your child will handle all of these situations in our controlled and safe environment.

A Fun Class Environment

Our school culture thrives on fun. We want our students to have fun in class.  We want our instructors to have fun teaching and we want our parents watching to have fun.  Mix in great martial arts and you have a combination that students come back year after year.

Personalized Instruction

With a student to instructor ratio of 5-1 we have the ability to help the ones that need a little extra help.  We give the students who understand the curriculum the ability to develop discipline and practice without an instructor directly looking over their shoulder.

Safe, clean and hygienic learning environment

Having a clean and hygienic school help put a parent’s mind at ease knowing that their little one’s have a sanitary facility to train in.

Class times for busy parents

Life is crazy enough without struggling to find time for another activity, so we offer classes 5 days a week with a variety of times to choose from.  To make it even easier the curriculum is set up in a way that 2 times a week is sufficient to see your child benefit from our martial arts program.