Internal Self-Discipline

The older your child gets the more important internal self-discipline gets. External discipline (mom and dad) is only good for so long, but it’s extremely taxing on you. Help your child develop internal discipline (self-discipline) where they are controlling what they do and when they do it. Our program helps them develop great self-discipline, it helps them train for achievements (belts) and helps them increase their confidence.   The more your child relies on their own self-discipline the happier they are, the more confident they are and the more successful they become.

Teaching Kids to Follow Through with their promises

Martial Arts USA are experts in motivating kids to act. This is especially helpful for kids who are prone to quitting. We instill the necessary perseverance to help kids finish what they start, especially when the difficulty is increased.

Respectful Attitude

Martial Arts USA teaches kids a code of ethics that creates well-rounded children that know how to treat others. They understand what it means to have a Black Belt Attitude and we emphasize that by having them reflect with questions like…
“How would a Black Belt listen to the teacher?”
“How would a Black Belt listen their parents?”
“How would a Black Belt listen do this assignment?”
This is often a catalyst for massive changes in the behavior and attitude of kids.

1/3 of school kids are overweight

“So my kids a little overweight, what’s the big deal?” Lack of energy, poor body posture, flabby body, stiff joints, prone to injury, laziness, risk for high blood pressure, risk for heart disease etc. are all reasons why parents should encourage their kids to maintain an active lifestyle.

Whether your child needs to get in shape, or is a star athlete, Martial Arts USA will take them to the next level of physical achievement. Our techniques work literally every part of the body and sharpen the mind to a crisp focus athletes refer to as “the zone.”

A Fun Class Environment

Our school culture thrives on fun. We want our students to have fun in class. We want our instructors to have fun teaching and we want our parents watching to have fun. Mix in great martial arts and you have a combination that students come back year after year.

Personalized Instruction

With a student to instructor ratio of 8-1 we have the ability to help the ones that need a little extra help. We give the students who understand the curriculum the ability to develop discipline and practice without an instructor directly looking over their shoulder.

Safe, clean and hygienic learning environment

Having a clean and hygienic school helps put a parent’s mind at ease knowing that their little one’s have a sanitary facility to train in.

Class times for busy parents

Life is crazy enough without struggling to find time for another activity, so we offer classes 5 days a week with a variety of times to choose from. To make it even easier the curriculum is set up in a way that 2 times a week is sufficient to see your child benefit from our martial arts program.