Need a fast paced, bag-smashing, stress-relieving action-packed workout?  Look no further!

Martial Arts USA Cardio Kickboxing classes combine a killer workout with fun.  You’ll learn simple kicks, punches and strikes of martial arts with an awesome conditioning workout.  What makes our program unique is that you will also learn valuable self-defense that’s easy to retain.  Enjoy all these benefits in a convenient 30-minute workout.

What you’ll accomplish in 30 minutes:

  • Burn a ton of calories
  • Increase your cardiovascular strength
  • Tone muscles in your body
  • Increase flexibility
  • Boost your stamina and endurance
  • Relieve stress and feel better
  • Release dopamine and serotonin - the feel-good endorphins

Get Fit and Never Get Hit

In our Kickboxing program you will kick and punch bags, not people.  Within the first class you’ll learn some of the basic techniques of kickboxing without the fear of getting hit and hurt.

Safe Clean Environment

One of the most important goals we have is to provide a safe, clean and sanitary place for our students to train and improve. That is why our schools are professionally cleaned each evening. We understand how important this is to our students.

Train at your own pace

Everyone trains at different levels and has different levels of physical fitness.  If you need to tone down an exercise you can do so. Need it harder? We can do that too.